Organising our trip to Disneyland Paris!

There is no mistaking that Disneyland is a magical place. But when it comes to booking and organising a trip there. We have found certain parts of it slightly stressful. We booked our trip through Magic Breaks at Thomas Cook. Since it is our first trip to Disneyland and there are quite a few of us going, we thought the best thing to do would be to book it with a travel agent face to face. Just so we could get everything we wanted and have the peace of mind that if we needed to change or add something, all we have to do is head to the nearest Thomas Cook. I have heard that booking it yourself through other companies can mean that you get your holiday at a cheaper price. It is purely because we didn’t really know where to begin with booking. We weren’t sure on dates or where we wanted to stay or even what the easiest way to get to Disneyland Paris was.

We booked to stay on March 4th – 6th at the Sequoia Lodge with full board plus, photo pass and Disney express via Eurostar direct train. The Eurostar is pricey but goes directly in to the park so for us this is the easiest way to travel there. When it comes to the full board plus, it was part of an offer that was on at the time that we booked so was a complete bonus. You can book your restaurants from 60 days before your stay as restaurants get very busy! The Disney express means that they will take our luggage to the hotel so we can go straight in and enjoy the park. It is all these extras that can make organising a trip to Disneyland that little bit more stressful. There seems to be so many options to choose from and it can be difficult to know what to go with.

As it is our first time visiting Disneyland Paris, I thought I would ask other UK Parent Bloggers if they had any tips for organising a trip to Disneyland:

  • Be aware of foreign school holidays. Although our British holidays were done and dusted most of Europe was still not back at school. We had not realised this and Disney was incredibly busy. – Our Bucket List Lives
  • If you are traveling via the Eurostar get the agent to check the premiere seats before you book. Often they can be the same price or cheaper and come with many benefits including a small meal and more space! – Mummies Waiting
  • If you want any character dining then make sure you book ahead of time as they often get very busy! – My Mummy’s Pennies
  • If you are looking for a cheaper way to visit, consider driving and staying at the Davy Crockett Ranch, for even more savings go via Ferry instead of the train. – Big Family Little Adventures
  • Buy some cheap Disney pins from Ebay before you go and then begin pin trading, where you swap them with the cast, the children LOVED it! – Big Family Organised Chaos
  • Buy any clothing and costumes before you go as they are much cheaper here. – Kerry Louise Norris
  • Take snacks with you to take into the parks. Saves you a fortune having to pay the park prices. – Twinderelmo
  • Take refillable bottles with you. There are water fountains throughout the park and it will save you a fortune! – Mighty Mama Bear
  • If you are going for a few days and likely to return again within the year take a look at the price of annual passes. These can often work out cheaper than booking park tickets just for your holiday duration. – Boo Roo and Tigger Too
  • Book character dining if you want to meet the characters. It saves long queues to meet them in the parks and they come to your table. The dining plan is also worthwhile. If you have under 3’s (that aren’t charged) the buffet restaurants are good as they can eat from your plate. – A Strong Coffee To Go

From Rachael Claire also has a full blog post on Planning Disneyland Paris on a budget.



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