Playgroups and Prosecco by Jo Middleton – Book Tour Review

As a Mummy, sometimes it can feel like heaven just to sit and have 5 minutes to yourself. Lately I have been using my 5 minutes to read fellow blogger, Jo Middleton of the blog Slummy Single Mummy’s brand new book.

Playgroups and Prosecco follows the life of a single mummy of 2 daughters. The book is written in the form of diary entries, this makes it easy to read when you only have 5 minutes to yourself. You can just read one day at a time or longer depending on how long you have. I’m not a single mummy like Frankie in the book but I still found it very relatable. There is honest talk of Instagram envy and we have definitely all been in the situation where we look at someone’s Insta life and wish it was our own.

The down to earth, funny and at moments awkward make the book hard to put down. I would find myself saying I will read for 5/10 minutes and then an hour later still be sitting there engrossed in the book. Throughout the book, I was hoping for Prince Charming to come along for Frankie but then I realised that a single mummy doesn’t always need someone to come along and sweep them off their feet to make them happy. Jo Middleton’s book give a some what real insight in to the life of a single parent and some of the situations that they have to face. It does that while still being funny and relatable for all parents, single or not.

At moments, I found myself so into the book that I wanted to know more. I found myself looking up @simple_dorset_life. I wanted to see if it was real! @simple_dorset_life is the account to start the Insta envy and I needed to see it for myself!

Playgroups and Prosecco is a must read! I have enjoyed it so much that I hope that Jo continues writing, maybe a Playgroups and Prosecco part 2?

Playgroups and Prosecco is available to buy now on pre-order or you can download the Ebook now!



*Disclaimer – I am one of the bloggers in the book tour so was sent the book early so i could review it – AD – Unpaid*

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