Being positive about Down Syndrome

In a world where there is so much negativity, lets just be positive.

It seems the obvious thing to say but when it comes to Down syndrome, positivity isn’t something that the DS community always comes across. Even though there are some amazing advocates and families, there are also people who are negative and people who have completely out dated information. These outdated and negative assumptions can have a knock on effect to how people see people within the DS community.

Since Rory was born, I have tried to do my best with DS awareness. Like most families we were thrown in at the deep end with little to no help. No family should have to struggle to find out information or find someone to talk to. In the last couple of years, awareness of Down Syndrome has come on a lot. More and more campaigns online mean that DS awareness is going all over the world.

As a sibling, I have found some brilliant DS advocate bloggers/influencers and I made a blog post about them a while ago, this includes fellow siblings such as Isabella Sings. I have featured Isabella on my blog and social media before as even though she is only a teenager, she is doing an incredible job at raising awareness of Down Syndrome and Makaton.

There is also a brilliant website that is all about positivity surrounding Down Syndrome called Positive about Down Syndrome. The website has all the information that someone might need to know about DS. From screening to reality of lives with a child with Down Syndrome. There are also case studies from families, these show an insight in to the real life of a parent or sibling with DS.

Both Isabella Signs and Positive about Down Syndrome are paving the way for the positive image of Down Syndrome. I will continue to spread awareness for DS and maybe one day the negativity wont be listened to and positivity is all we will hear.



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