Power of Social Media – Down Syndrome Awareness

Over the past year or so, Down Syndrome awareness has grown. It has reached millions and millions of people across the globe. Some people may not even realise that they have helped pave the way for DS awareness.

Those millions and millions of people have been able to do this with the help of social media. Social media isn’t always our best friend but when a like, comment or a share can be so powerful. You try to use it to your advantage. It’s the sheer power of social media platforms that has made an incredible amount of people advocates  for Down Syndrome. The people engaging with videos and posts on social media don’t always have a person with Down Syndrome in their life, these posts reach people who before were hard to speak out to.

It’s the posts that reach far and wide, big social media accounts and small and people with no experience with Down Syndrome before that make DS awareness a household conversation. It’s the shares, the comments and the links that seem like a small thing to do but the bigger picture is that it is helping enormously. It’s helping people with Down Syndrome become stars, models and TV personalities. Supermarkets, modelling agencies and TV programmes are now including more and more people with Down Syndrome. It is an amazing moment to be part of.  Seeing friends on my social media talk about Down Syndrome that wouldn’t have thought about being an advocate are engaging with posts is just brilliant to see.

It’s the one like, one comment, one share. But one big impact. One big change for Down Syndrome awareness.



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