Spirit Riding Free Season 8 Netflix Launch!

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I remember back when I was younger I would sit and watch the original Spirit movie over and over again. Fast forward 17 years and my daughter and younger sister are now enjoying the Netflix series, Spirit Riding Free.The new season launches on Netflix on 22nd March!

Spirit Riding Free follows the wild adventures of Spirit, Lucky and friends. Together they discover what it means to be free while having fun with friends. They show bravery, confidence and natural-born leadership through the stories which is exactly what I want Elsa and Rosie to see and inspire to be like.

Each episode is around 25 minutes long and can be watch via the online streaming service, Netflix. The bonus to this is that you can watch it anywhere and even download episodes  to your phone. Which is brilliant to help keep the kids entertained while out and about. To go along with the hit series, Symths have a wide range of toys, both classic and Playmobil toys.

As part of the launch for season 8, Elsa and Rosie were sent a box of Spirit Riding Free goodies and as you can imagine they were every excited to get playing!


The classic toys are perfect if your child isn’t ready for toys with lots of pieces such as Playmobil. There is a huge range of characters available from Symths from the Spirit and Lucky set to individual horses. Prices start from around £9.99 of the individual horses and go up to £24.99 for the horse and stable set. The classic toys are more suitable for smaller hands, around 3 years +. Elsa and Rosie received the Spirit and Lucky set and the horse and stable set. The Spirit and Lucky set is the perfect start to collecting the classic Spirit Riding Free toys. The Lucky doll has poseable arms and legs that means she can me moved to ride Spirit. The horse and stable set  pairs with the other classic toys. The stable roof is designed to be a carry handle too so ideal for on the go play. Both horses in both sets have hair that can be groomed and styled. All of this encourages imaginative and nurturing play.

For older Spirit Riding Free lovers, there is the Playmobil range. Which is also available at Smyths as well as other retailers and Amazon. Like the classic toys, there is a wide range of sets. All of which are based on different characters and scenes from the hit series. As Playmobil is much smaller pieces, it is recommened for 4+. Elsa and Rosie were sent 5 Playmobil sets, they varied in size from a few pieces to 57 pieces. The brilliant bonus with playmobile sets like these is that they are all compatible with each other. The 57 piece sets that Elsa and Rosie were sent are not the biggest. There are sets that go up to around 160 pieces but the smaller play sets can be added together to make bigger play scenes and with this encourages creativity and imaginative  play.

The last few things that were included in Elsa and Rosie box of Spirit Riding Free goodies was a lunch box and water bottle. These will be available from Amazon very soon!


Remember to catch the new season of Spirit Riding Free over on Netflix from 22nd March!



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