Being part of the #BepanthenProtects challenge!


A few weeks ago Britmums sent over a cute box of goodies including 2 tubes of Bepanthen. They asked us to use Bepanthen for 2-3 weeks and then let you all know how we use it as part of our everyday routine. Here is how we got on!

A bit about Bepanthen and baby’s skin

Young baby’s skin is 40% thinner than an adults which means that it can be more sensitive and can react differently to irritants. These irritants can be things such as wee and poo, that is why nappy rash can occur in young children. At some point, there is a possibility that your baby will get nappy rash. 1 in 3 babies experience nappy rash! Bepanthen  believes in protecting your baby’s bottom from becoming sore. They are proactive in protecting before nappy rash starts. Bepanthen is gentle on baby’s skin and can be used from birth including with premature babies.

Bepanthen is a kind to skin formula. It contains no fragrances, colours, preservatives, parabens or antiseptics. It does contain Provitamin B5 which helps repair skins natural barrier. As well as being a great formula, the tubes have a flip top lid making it easy and convenient to open during a nappy change.


How we use Bepanthen 

Bepanthen is an essential in our nappy changing routine and it takes pride of place in Cleo’s changing bag. Bepanthen comes in 2 sizes; 30g and 100g tubes. The 30g tube is perfect for a changing bag. The larger tube is a bit too large for a changing bag but is a brilliant size to keep with other nappy changing essentials at home.

We use Bepanthen in our everyday nappy changing routine. Once we have used wipes to clean the area then we apply a thin layer of Bepanthen. It adds a transparent and breathable layer which protects baby’s skin from irritants and rubbing, both of which can cause nappy rash. Cleo doesn’t notice when we apply Bepanthen and it is non sticky so is easy for us to apply.

Luckily Cleo hasn’t had nappy rash but when Elsa was a baby she did have it occasionally. We didn’t use Bepanthen with Elsa, we tried other nappy rash creams that were advertised to use when your baby has nappy rash. After trying a few, Elsa did get better. With Cleo, we have been lucky and I am hoping with the help of Bepanthen, we will continue to avoid nappy rash!

To find out more about Bepanthen, visit their website.


This is an entry for the #BepanthenProtects Challenge, sponsered by Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin on




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