What it means to me to be a West Norfolk Champion

For a couple of weeks, I was keeping a secret from everyone and it wasn’t that I was expecting a baby!

I received an email on World Down Syndrome Day ( I know, what day to receive the email) that I was chosen as a West Norfolk Champion. The West Norfolk Champion campaign was created by Love West Norfolk , who I have actually worked with before on the ‘Why I love West Norfolk social media’ campaign before the West Norfolk Champion campaign was launched.

This campaign was to highlight people who live in the West Norfolk area and who have done something amazing for the community. My parents nominated me because of the advocacy I do for Down Syndrome. I had no idea that they had nominated me and it was a lovely surprise to find out I had been chosen and to read my nomination. Being chosen means a lot to me and I am honoured to be chosen. Since Rory was born, I have been trying to be the best advocate I can be. Down Syndrome advocacy was the reason that this blog started in the first place and over the years it has evolved in to what I hope will be come a career for me. Writing a blog, being a mum to 2 and a sibling to Rory can be hard work but being named a West Norfolk Champion shows me that the hard work is paying off and my voice is being heard even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

To celebrate becoming a West Norfolk Champion I was invited to a reception with the fellow champions and the Mayor of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. It was an incredible event and I met some amazing people who had done brilliant things for the community!

To find out more about Love West Norfolk and the other West Norfolk Champions, check out Love West Norfolk’s website and social media: WebsiteFacebook Twitter and Instagram




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