Planning our pre primary school bucket list

So a couple of weeks ago, we received the news that Elsa got in to her first choice primary school. It was an emotional but exciting email and Elsa is looking forward to starting primary school. I can’t believe she is going to be beginning her school journey. Before Elsa starts school and doesn’t have so much time at home, I want to explore and go on adventures. I am going to pick a few ideas to go on our pre primary school bucket list.

When a child starts school, their time with family and at home decreases so much but also the ability to just take days to go away or go adventures changes too. September is going to come round really fast and I want to make sure I have a list of things to do before Elsa’s first day of school is here.

Here are some ideas and obviously some of these won’t be suitable for everyone but they will give you a good idea of what kind of things to add to your bucket list:

  • Take a holiday to Center Parcs whilst you can go out of school season as the prices are so much more expensive during school holidays – Momma Mack
  • Visit any theme parks that usually have massive crowds during school holidays and weekends! Actually, this goes for anywhere that has massive crowds at weekends etc. The beach is another good example, but you will soon learn to make good use of inset days!The Parent Game
  • Mine would have to be a holiday abroad. So much cheaper with the added bonus of less kids around! The Family Ticket
  • Teach them to ride a bike while you’ve got the time to focus on it. We taught both of ours before they started school and they both love cycling now and we often have days out cycling as a family at the weekends. – Plutonium Sox


  • Take loads of random trips to the beach in the summer months and make the most of them not being too busy before the summer holidays start. – Anklebiters Adventures
  • Have afternoons at home for them to play and enjoy playing with their toys. My daughters misses having time to play with her toys so much since she started in September. Dear Bear and Beany
  • Go on holiday abroad, visit theme parks, go on bike rides together, camp out in the garden together. Mama Be Kind Blog
  • Go to Kenya. I have just started to put the wheels in motion and can’t wait for them to experience this awesome country. Children are never too young to travel! – Popitha
  • Embrace slow, lazy mornings in your pjs. School mornings are so much more rushed and regimented! – Emily and Indiana
  • I wrote a post on the very subject – our school countdown bucket list – including going to the cinema in the day time, having picnics in the woods & pyjama days! Crummy Mummy
  • Before my daughter went to primary school I took her out for tea and TOLD her all the reasons why I had loved the time with her over the previous few years. I showed her photos of things we had done and we reminisced and I thanked her for making me so happy. Then I said NOW we have a new adventure ahead and spent the next bit of time focused on what exciting things lay ahead of her. That thankyou and closure were inportant to me and acknowledging the transition was healthy. – Thrifty Home

What would be on your pre primary school bucket list? 398806371035217170217

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