Disney Guess The Film Game Review

Who doesn’t love Disney films?

Disney films are a huge part of a lot of peoples lives growing up and no matter how old you are, they are still some of the best films ever created. You can now test your knowledge with Disney Guess the Film from Jumbo puzzles.

The game comes with 100 film images which slot in to the game board. Take it in turns to roll the dice, the colour that is facing upwards on the dice is the colour of the window on the game board you open. It is as simple as that. For every image you guess correctly, you earn a Mickey token. First one to earn 4 Mickey tokens wins the game.

Surrounding the game board is a large and colourful Disney frame which features some the best Disney characters. The film images are from Disney films from different decades and feature both Disney and Disney/Pixar films so  every member of the family can join in no matter their age. From 101 Dalmatians to  Tangled to Cars, there are so many films included. To make the game slightly harder, the image cards are coloured depending on the difficulty:

  • Green – Easy level
  • Blue – Medium level
  • Red – Advanced level

As huge Disney fans in our house, we were very excited when this game arrived in the post. The magical thing about Disney films is that they can be enjoyed by every generation, this game is no different. The different difficulties mean it can be played by different ages but if younger children are playing it, you can just have the green film images in the game board.

Since we have had this game, Elsa has been wanting to play it over and over again. The game is easy to setup and can be played on the go too as the game board can be used with out the feet or the Disney frame so it is more compact. Disney Guess the Film is perfect for everyday play and I think it would be brilliant for larger get togethers such as Christmas. As a family, we have enjoyed playing this game and it will be a family time must have for us for a long time to come. As Cleo gets older, I am sure that she will love joining in too!


Disney Guess the Film is available from online retailers such as Debenhams and Amazon. Priced from £17.99 ( Amazon price – May 2019)


*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post with Jumbo puzzles. We received Disney Guess the Film in exchange for an honest review*

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