Our Gender Reveal!

On the 12th May, we headed to Window to the Womb in Norwich to get a sneak peak to see if baby fisher is a boy or a girl!

I have spoken about Window to the Womb on my blog before as it is who we used when I was pregnant with Cleo and once again our experience there was incredible. I might write a post on our experience of using a early gender scan as they are so popular now and before going with Cleo, we didn’t know what to expect.

After keeping the gender of baby fisher #3 a secret for the whole time we were away in  Butlins, we decided to have a gender reveal to tell the whole family. For Jonny’s side of the family, we used a gender reveal balloon from Card Factory. They are brilliant for the money as I think it was only £4.99. In store they fill it with the pink or blue confetti so when you pop it, it reveals the gender of your baby.

We were also very lucky to be offered a gender reveal cake by Cris’s Cakes   (Based in Norfolk so if you are in the area and are looking for a cake maker then definitely check her cakes out!) Cris’s cakes made mine and Jonny’s wedding cake and we loved it so I couldn’t wait to have a extra special cake made by her too!  So in front of my side of the family, we cut the cake to reveal the coloured sponge.

So time to reveal on my blog…Baby Fisher is a BOY!!!!


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