How to maintain clean carpets even with kids around

Maintaining a clean carpet needs to be a top priority in your household. A fresh sanitized carpet has lots of health benefits for you and your family. For starters, they are magnets to dust, dirt, bacteria, germs, and all sorts of unpleasant things you definitely do not want in your home. When you have kids the game changes even more. You need to keep a healthy environment for them. But how? There are some small tricks you can include in your daily life.

Have it professionally cleaned every 6 months

This is one of the most important things you can do. No matter how you clean your carpet or what you dono one can deeply clean it as a cleaning company can. Why? They will remove all of the dust, dirt, bacteria, and germs I previously told you about. They tend to get stuck to the base of the carpet which makes them even harder to be removed. You can reach out to Monster Cleaning (they cover London, Manchester & Liverpool). They use steam which is the most efficient non-toxic and environment-friendly
way out there. They use only modern and industry approved equipment – their machines are top-end and will sanitize and leave your carpet spotless.

Try teaching your kids to eat only in the kitchen

It will be of a huge advantage for you if you can try and teach your kids to eat on the kitchen table. This will help you avoid a huge mess all over your house (not only on the carpet but couches, beds, etc.). It will also reduce your cleaning time since there won’t be any crumbs or spills everywhere. You can also set up a table in your living room and use it for when they are eating snacks.

Don’t forget to add a mat to your entrances

This will really reduce all the dirt that comes from your shoes. There are some pretty interesting designs all over the internet which can go really well with the interior of your house.

Always have cleaning supplies close to you

Baby wipes and clean clothes are probably your best friends when it comes to keeping your carpet clean. For example, when a stain occurs – you need to be very fast in removing it (at least a small amount of it) if you don’t want a stain. Don’t be aggressive when you are trying to remove it thought. If it’s possible call professionals as soon as you can to come and take care of the problem – that’s probably the easiest and most efficient way for treating stains. Sometimes when you try to remove them on your own you might end up causing greater damage.

Think twice where craft time will take place

I would definitely advise you don’t let your kids craft inside your house. Maybe in the backyard or the garage or if you have a room that has hard-floors but not anywhere around carpets. All of the glitter, glue, confetti, playdoh, etc. needs to stay away from your carpet or furniture.

Wear indoor slippers

A huge tip I have for you is to never walk inside your house with the shoes you walk outside. Take off your shoes every time you go inside your home and switch to clean slippers that are only for the inside. They will be clean and you won’t toss around the dirt from the outside. Just imagine how much dust, dirt, and bacteria you are welcoming inside your home just by walking with your shoes on. As I previously said your carpet is like a magnet to these things – so the combination of dirty shoes and a clean carpet is
definitely a no-no. Just by walking with clean slippers you reduce the dirt in your home with more than half and you keep a healthy environment for longer.




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