The Reasons Why WE Blog!

Over the last month or so, I have encountered the joy of online comments and trolls. The one comment I see a lot is ‘Why do they bother to blog in the first place’ so I thought I would write a post and ask fellow Bloggers why they blog! It isn’t as simple as people think, people have different reasons to write about their life and experiences and there is no better way to find out why than to ask bloggers themselves.

Personally I blog because it is somewhere that I can write down my thoughts and memories. I can use my blog as a diary for myself and my children to look back on and see just how far I have come on my blogging journey. This blog may never become a full time career for me but I never imagined it would be where it is now. The reason I blog is for an outlet. It doesn’t matter to me if no one reads certain posts as long as I can get my thoughts down.

I think this is the same for a lot of Bloggers and writers and even people that just use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as a form of ‘blog’. Sometimes it is just nice to have somewhere you can write down anything you are thinking about.

So that is why I asked other Bloggers. Trolls and people who write horrible comments online don’t know the reasons why we blog. Personal or a hobby. Fun or a career. Everyone has their reasons.

What other Bloggers said:

I blog because I want to paint a more positive image of the single parent than what currently exists! We have such a stigma around us a lot of the time when, really, we’re ACE! I left my husband to forge a better life for me and my little boy – and we co-parent as best as possible. We’re better under separate roofs and we shouldn’t feel bad about that, ever. –  Gluing Cheese

I blog because I was sick of people messaging me asking for suggestions on where to take their kids hahaha. Though it would be easier to make a catalogue of all the places we’ve visited instead. – The Family Ticket

Blogging has changed for me over the years, I started blogging as an outlet to deal with feelings of miscarriages but over the years I finally got my rainbow baby and we took our girls on trips to Disney, now I blog because I want to help parents make magical memories at Disney with their children. – Mummies Waiting

I blog because there is so much pain and negativity in the world so I’m trying to make a difference and put a smile on someone’s face daily. – Uplifting and Inspiring Content

A space to air my thoughts and hopefully turn it into a business. – The Growing Mum

I started blogging as a way to fill my time. I’m a stay at home mum and it can be so so lonely at times. Blogging opened up a community to me and gave me a new hobby. – Laura Leanne

I blog primarily as a business for money, but I also really love it – the creative process, the final outcome and everything about it. It’s the only thing I’ve stuck with. – Midwife and Life

I blog to share experience with other fathers around the emotional pressures we face. I strive to be the best dad and husband I can be. – Triplet Dad

To help other parents find fun things to do with their kids! – Kiddo Adventures

I blog to help work through all the feeling that come with ttc and as a way of documenting our life to look back on in years to come. – Growing Clan

I originally started blogging to document my pregnancy and mental health but loved doing it so I progressed on to other subjects like relationships and lifestyle. – Mumma and her Monsters

I blog to give myself a voice and identity. I felt quite lost after having children and found it difficult to remember to be Laura rather than Mum all the time. Now I also want to share information about recipes, veganism, days out etc as I rely on reviews before making ANY decisions for my family. My blog is down to earth and I’m not afraid to show the tricky reality of motherhood in the hope that it will reassure other parents that the perfection we are often shown isn’t the norm. – Loopyloulaura

I was told I am good at online marketing so I started my blog because I want to pursue it as a career and earn money. – Cosmo Mum

I blog because writing is my passion. – Raising Harry

I started my blog to vent after our IVF journey and I find it really therapeutic to talk about my mental health. I blog about a few different topics now, but still use it as therapy when my mental health is bad. – Becca Blogs It Out

I originally started blogging as an outlet for writing I hadn’t had the opportunity for since leaving journalism and also as a way of preserving family memories and sharing days out and activity ideas. Since the arrival of my third child I also see it is a great way to advocate for my youngest daughter who happens to have Down’s Syndrome and help give a truer/more balanced picture of the Syndrome than the very disablist view I was presented on many fronts after we received her prenatal diagnosis. – The Mini Malpi

I started my blog to make a memory book of sorts for my boys to look back on. – Mummy Lauretta

I started my blog because I kept hearing about all these awesome, cheap days out and then forgetting about them. I also wanted to share all the things people would need to know about visiting those places. – Free Time with the Kids

I write about everything from parenting to travel to beauty, I write about my life experiences as well because writing helps me clear my mind and helps me get away from reality, same time I try to help others with similar problems. This is my happy place. – Kristine’s Blog


4 thoughts on “The Reasons Why WE Blog!

  1. I blog to share. I have my Sandler Strength and Fitness Page to help inspire people to fitness and good health. I have my My Life page to rant about my life, dating, politics, books, whatever. I need a place to vent sometimes. yes, I do journal, and I am on FB, but this is more comfortable, especially in the world of politics.


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