Zimpli Gelli Spa Review

We are 100% in the generation of slime and gelli. Every child wants it and every parents loves to hate it. We have reviewed Gelli and Slime Baff by Zimpli before and Elsa and Rosie loved it. YouTube has made slime and gelli become the must have toy and it is fair to say that Zimpli Kids have a huge range of slime and gelli themed products.

Slime and gelli comes in so many different ways. Colours, scents and even ones with glitter in, there’s huge choice! Gelli Spa is one of the products that Zimpli sell. It uses their iconic gelli to create a extra special spa experience which children will love. The spa softens feet using pink Zimpli gelli, essential oils and massage marbles in an inflatable foot spa bath. For an extra touch, a pedicure kit is also included in the gelli spa box.

The gelli spa is perfect for weekly spa sessions at home or for an special touch at a sleep over or pamper party. Zimpli Kids gelli is gentle on skin too so it is great for all ages and both boys and girls. One of the best things about the kit is how easy it is to use. The foot spa is inflatable so storage is easy and for the gelli, you just add water. It is so simple to use. To dispose of the gelli, you simply add more water and wash it down the sink. It is completely safe to wash it away and it means that tidying away takes no time at all.

Elsa, Cleo, Rosie and Rory all used the gelli spa and absolutely loved it. They each took it in turns to put their feet in the spa and each of the loved every minute. We laid a towel on the carpet to ensure that if the gelli was to get on the floor, it wouldn’t mark the carpet. It did leave their feet feeling soft too but I think they had so much fun playing in the gelli that they didn’t notice a difference!

The gelli spa is super fun to play with and it only priced at £14.99 and Zimpli Kids make so many different products that feature slime and gelli!



*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the gelli spa from Zimpli Kids in exchange for an honest review*

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