Dear Tattle.Life…..

I’ve seen bloggers and instagrammers who have done nothing but be themselves and help people, crying their eyes out online because they don’t know what else to do and it is all down to

Yep, here we are. Talking about online hate and bullying once again. If you weren’t aware, there has been a site that has been doing it’s best to bring bloggers down. Tattle.Life is a site that is purely for talking about bloggers, instagrammers and celebrities.  I have seen comments saying Tattle is getting the truth out there and letting people know what their favourite bloggers are really like. I mean, it is a website where people comment on threads about people that they follow or have followed in the past and have an opinion on them. Already sounds like an unnecessary website, doesn’t it?

Tattle doesn’t stop there though. It is a place where hate starts and spreads. There are personal comments and things that are just not uncalled for. I have experienced comments about my children, where I live and about my family. These comments brought me down. Made me feel awful about myself and made me doubt myself as a mum. But comments like these are normal for Tattle. They are every day chat on there.

I know that as a blogger, people will have an opinion but shouldn’t that opinion be based purely on my content? It is as if content has been forgotten and because people blog, it means that strangers online can rip them apart about every aspect of their life. Just because I post a photo of my children does not mean that someone who doesn’t know me can jump on Tattle and say that my children are not looked after properly.

These comments can impact people more than some will ever know. One tiny comment can bring someone down and destroy their confidence, self esteem and everything they have worked for. Just because you see something you don’t like or agree with doesn’t mean that you can start a witch hunt. This isn’t a playground and the huge majority of us are adults but yet, there are people out there who are acting like teenage girls who have nothing better to do than to create gossip.

When social media is used right, it can be an amazing thing. Tattle makes it seem as if being online is the worst thing you can possibly do. Being a parent is hard enough already and some of us are sharing our experiences and things that have happened in our lives, no matter how hard it is to write about, just so it can help one other parent.

I’ve written about hard times in my life and been completely open and honest online. Unless you do that then you have no idea how hard that is but then I am branded as a lair and a fake. I couldn’t be more me if I tried and yet it still isn’t good enough. Even though Tattle has caused me so much hurt, I have learnt to handle it. Some bloggers can’t and it is so hard to see them struggling with it.

If you come across Tattle then please don’t search yourself and please don’t join in with the hate.




8 thoughts on “Dear Tattle.Life…..

  1. But if you remove tattle then what happens? You’re a blogger, you have your blog, YouTube, Twitter, all of which the same hate can be posted on. (Please note I’m not directly referring to you here) – so are you saying that all social media should be shut down? Shut that site down and the comments will re-emerge elsewhere. Tattle is moderated heavily and the worst comments are removed, yes people should not comment on children’s appearance or parenting (as has been discussed on tattle) but by putting yourself out there as an influencer you open yourself up to criticism regardless of whether you agree with it or not, it is hardly as if every one on the internet is going to enjoy you and your content. As far as I know tattle hasn’t threatened any one influencer, the comments made are purely gossip and as such are not *enough* to shut down a website or to punish the posters. You don’t like what you read on that website? Don’t read it. Don’t read it and then they don’t have any power over you. You don’t want criticism at all? Don’t put yourself out there period. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I know tattle has been forced into the public eye recently due to the actions of Mrs Meldrum, I highly suggest you read up on what Meldrum has done if you’re looking toward that as a reason to antagonise tattle – she is accusing tattle of making her lose branddeals – brand deals which she lost out on due to her racist behaviour and inability to declare advertisements and gifted posts correctly which was apparently tattle’s fault despite her having such a wide following across social media. Her response to this was to then publicly ‘out’ a tattle member, full name which had not been disclosed on tattle, which is disgusting – her response to this is she has the right to do so because tattle shared her own personal information when in fact that information was broadcast in her own vlogs for anyone to pick up upon.


    1. Just because someone has a blog doesn’t mean they should be getting hate and horrid comments about their family and life. I’m not going to comment on Mrs Meldrum on here. I’ve seen comments they were made about her and her family and they were horrible. There is no excuse for that


    2. Hi Agree Ellay, these people are effectively asking for the end of free speech so that they don’t get any negative comments on their social media. They might as well ask for the internet to be taken down or get a china style blocked internet. I’ve read tattle and a few comments are close to the bone but its mostly about mummy vloggers not declaring freebies adverts and then lying about it. They hate transparency about what they’re up to.


  2. Tattle life is a cess pit of sad people who think it is ok to live their lives ripping other people’s lives apart. There is no need for sites like these. GG is just as bad but tattle is on another level. They dox people, they try to find out absolutely everything about someone and rip them apart. People make mistakes, it’s human nature but it doesn’t give anyone the right to sit and gossip about it. Tattle are a bunch of grown women behaving like teenage girls like the mean girls. The worst thing is they sit behind fake accounts. Why not say it as themselves? Because they are cowards.


    1. I came across it after Mrs Meldrum mentioned it. My curiosity got the better of me and I looked. I was horrified and totally disgusted that grown adults would participate in such vile behaviour. How can we hope for better for our children when the adults are behaving in such a manner. Mostly I felt sad that there were so many people that felt so unhappy with themselves and unfulfilled that they felt it necessary to tear down others. It should just be closed down its not constructive criticism but a bullying forum.


  3. You have the option of ignoring it and not reading it, so this blog post is nonsense. Stop whining, and grow up.


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