Testing out ikiki toddler shoes!

Shoes for toddlers. The good, the bad and the ones that are just plain perfect. Over the last few weeks, Cleo and I have been testing out the ikiki toddler shoes but these shoes have a very special feature….

ikiki shoes look like normal high top type toddler shoes but they come with a very special and unique feature. They squeak. Yep, as your child walks they squeak. It sounds like it might be something that you don’t want your child’s shoes to do but there is a good reason why they do actually do it. The Ikiki shoes are designed in a way that they are fun but are the best they can be for your child’s feet. They are made to fit both narrow and wider feet, they fit foot braces if your child has to have them and because they are high top shoes, they help prevent tip toe walking. The squeak encourages your child to walk heel toe, once again helping to stop walking tip toe. They are also great if your child is non verbal, the squeak can actually help locate your child if they are unable to communicate.

Cleo has been testing out the Penelope Hamilton shoe, the brightly coloured shoes are brilliant for young children. There are so many designs and characters to chose from and the shoes are available in sizes 4 to 9 and are priced at £25.95 from the ikiki Uk website.

So what do we think?

Cleo was surprised when she first wore them as she has never worn shoes that squeak before but it is safe to say that she loves them and wears them almost everyday. Luckily for us parents, the squeak can actually be turned off too so your toddler can wear the shoes anywhere without having to worry about squeaking everywhere you go. ikiki shoes are easy to put on for young children too, Cleo is just at the age where she is wanting to put her own shoes on. The price point I think is alright too, £25ish for a pair of toddler high top type shoes is a fair price and the ikiki shoes aren’t like normal toddler shoes. The designs and the added features make them worth the bit extra. They also come in a lovely dust bag so they have a bit of an extra special feeling when you unbox them. They have also been worn by Bradley Cooper’s children so they are super stylish too!

When Cleo out grows her ikiki shoes, we will be looking in to getting another pair in the next size up as she loves them so much!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a pair of shoes in exchange for an honest review*

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