Playing with the brand new Zuru Rainbocorns!

It’s time to hatch out a brand new toy! Zuru Rainbocorns series 2 is about to be realised and Elsa and Rosie were lucky enough to play before they officially hatched so we could really tell you what they are like!

Rainbocorn’s series 1 was a huge hit but there are 13 new sweet-scented characters to collect. With the 13 characters being from 6 animals themes; Pandacorns, Flamingocorns, Llamacorns, Unicorns, Lioncorns and Owlcorns. There is also a rare golden Flamingocorn that you can collect too which is super exciting! Inside every new Rainbocorn toy there is a packet of Rainbocorn poop, accessories and one of 40 new baby Boo-Boocorn characters.

In the new series 2 collection, there are 3 different Rainbocorn toys to suit everyones budget. The Rainbocorn sparkle heart is priced at £9.99 and comes with a small cuddly Rainbocorn character, Rainbocorn poop and a baby Boo-Boocorn that changes colour when you put it in water. The larger Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise which is priced at £24.99 which includes 10 surprises and a large Rainbocorn character. Then there is also the much larger Rainbocorns Big Bow which comes with a big cuddly, big bows and 25 big surprises and this one is priced at £49.99. The different price points make Rainbocorns brilliant for gift giving or maybe just a little treat.

Elsa and Rosie were both very excited when the package arrived at the door! It wasn’t long after they first saw them that they were playing with them and finding out all about the brand new Rainbocorns. With there being 5 years age gap between Elsa and Rosie, it is always interesting to see if the toy is enjoyed by both of them. The cuddly toys smelt amazing and since we are in the generation of slime, that was a firm favourite from the hatched egg! Elsa played with the Sequin Surprise egg (£24.99) and Rosie played with the smaller sparkle heart egg (£9.99).

They both really enjoyed the different surprises in the eggs and the smaller egg contained some brilliant additions as well as the cuddly toy just like the larger series 2 egg. Rainbocorns are the toy that keeps on giving as they are filled with fun and hours of fun! With Elsa being 4 and Rosie being 9, they are also brilliant for a large age range too!

The brand new Rainbocorns are available from both Smyths and Argos!


*We were kindly gifted 2 Rainbocorns in exchange for an honest review*

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