Snuggle Seat Review

We have been searching for a seat for Baby Fisher for the last few weeks but the main problem we have found is that we don’t use them all the time and some can be quite big so we needed to find one that would work with our space. Snuggle Seat offered to send us one of their award winning seats to test out. The best thing about the seat is that even though Baby Fisher isn’t here yet, Elsa and Cleo can also use it!

The Snuggle Seat is a multi use seat. It comes with 2 removable snuggle soft covers; a harness cover which is suitable for newborns and a plain cover for children up to the age of 8 years or 30KG. Every Snuggle Seat is filled with a bag of ‘beans’, these beans can be removed so you can make the seat more supportive depending on what age your child is. Less beans for a newborn and more for an older child. The covers can be removed by a concealed sip so it is super easy to change the covers and because the zip is padded and concealed, little one’s legs are protected from rubbing on it.

The snuggle soft top layer of the seat is waterproof and with young children, this is a brilliant feature! The base of the chair is also non-slip so your children are safe no matter what flooring you place the seat on. The Snuggle Seat is available is so many different colours. When we had to choose the colour and material of our seat, it did take us a while but in the end we picked the limited edition Grey Jeans seat. It matches our living room décor and with it being dark colours, there is less worry when it comes to stains.

Snuggle Seats are priced at £39.99 from £99.99 at the moment so they are great value for money!

Elsa and Cleo love their Snuggle Seat and it is great for when they are watching a movie or just wanting some where extra comfy to sit. We don’t know what it is like for a newborn yet but it won’t be long before we can also review it with Baby Fisher. With our seat we were also sent 2 of the Snuggle Comforters, these are soft and cuddly animals that a lovely to use with both the seat and as a toy on their own.



*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a Snuggle Seat in exchange for a review*

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