Jane 3in1 Musical Potty Review

It’s almost time to potty train Cleo! She is starting to show signs of wanting to be potty trained. We were really lucky with Elsa and she was really easy and potty trained quickly. I have a feeling that with Cleo it might be bit trickier so we are getting everything ready for when she feels like she wants to be potty trained and come out of nappies. Over the last few weeks, we have been slowly introducing the Jane 3in1 Educational Musical Potty, Trainer and Step System so Cleo gets used to it.

The Jane 3in1 Musical Potty is an all in one system that is everything you will need for your child’s potty training journey. It comes in 3 parts, every one with a different use but together they create the main potty. There is the main potty which has a special musical feature which encourages children to use the potty and makes potty training more fun. There is also the  universal toilet adaptor with handle and the booster step. Both the universal toilet adaptor and step are great for when your child is ready for the next step and wants to use a full size toilet.

We are using the main potty at the moment as Cleo isn’t ready to use the toilet adaptor yet but she does use the step in the bathroom and the kitchen. It has so many uses other than use for the toilet. The step has a non slip base so can be used anywhere inside and outside the house. All parts of the 3in1 system are easy to clean which is essential when it comes to potty training.  The toilet adapter is padded so is comfortable for your child and if you have little boys, it also has a raised area to stop  unwanted spills. Every part of the system has it’s own use but together they create the ultimate potty. It makes potty training easy and less stressful. The different parts of the system make it easy to transition from one step to another.

We are hoping that in the next few weeks that Cleo slowly starts to progress with potty training ready for when she starts nursery. The musical feature is definitely encouraging her and when she uses the potty, you can see that she is so proud and happy with herself.

The Jane 3in1 Musical Potty is available from the website   and is priced and £49.99


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Jane 3in1 Musical Potty in exchange for a review*

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