Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz review

Elsa is at the age where she loves to ride her scooter. She askes to take her scooter everywhere, any excuse to scoot! So when Scootaheadz emailed to ask if Elsa would like to test out their products, we knew that it was the perfect review for her!

Scootaheadz are brand that creates Unicorn, Pony and Dinosaur heads for children’s scooters, bringing their ride to life! As well as the Scootaheadz, they also sell Scootaseatz. They are owl shaped seats that fit small toys such as dolls and cuddly toys. Both the Scootaseatz and the Scootaheadz are universal so fit pretty much any children’s scooter.

The Scootaheadz are available in 3 different Unicorns, 2 different Ponies and 2 different Dinosaurs. All the headz fit the same way, they slot over the scooter handle bars and all have their own funky name. Elsa obviously picked the unicorn headz that is called Elsa! She was very impressed that there was a unicorn with the same name as hers. They are made from rubber so they are easy to attach to scooters and they are also really easy to clean. So even if the scooter gets messy, the Scootaheadz can just be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Scootaseatz are perfect for if your child wants to scoot around with their favourite toy. These owl shaped seats come in blue and pink and attach to any scooter with Velcro straps around the handle bars of any scooter and most bikes too. Elsa loves pretending to go on an adventure with her toys so the seat is great for when she is going on a scooter adventure. Like the headz, the seat is also wipeable so perfect for outside play.

You can attach both the Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz to a scooter at the same time as well as playing with them individually. They both promote imaginative and outdoor play and Elsa has had so much fun playing with them. Elsa will play out come rain or shine so they are going to get so much play time!

If you looking for electric scooters then Camping Secrets have a post all about the best kids electric scooters so definitely check that out if you are wanting recommendations!

You can purchase Scootaheadz and Scootaseatz from their website.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a Scootaheadz and a Scootaseatz in exchange for a review*

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