Where we visited in Blackpool

In July, we spent the weekend in Blackpool to see everything that it had to offer for families. It was our first time there and we had no idea what to expect! Here is all the places we visted that the kids loved!

Coral Island Blackpool – Coral Island was our first place that we visited on the first day in Blackpool. Coral Island invited us to go along and check out what they had to offer for families and we were not disappointed. Coral Island is indoors and is jam packed will so much for children to do. It features not only arcade games but children’s rides and the restaurants are good too with children eating free all day every day! You can read my review here.

Sea Life Blackpool – Everyone loves the Sea Life Centre. There are so many across the UK and we live near one but we have always wondered if the Blackpool one is really that much different to others. Sea Life is a favourite for us as a family anyway. Elsa and Cleo have always been fascinated by the sea and it’s wildlife. It might be living close by but they have always enjoyed visiting the Sea Life so visiting the Blackpool one should be no different. There was definitely more exhibits and animals at the Blackpool Sea Life compared to others that we have visited. Elsa and Cleo really enjoyed the Sea Life and if you visiting for a weekend it is worth getting a Big 6 Merlin card as you can visit Sea Life and other Merlin attractions for a good discount!

Blackpool Tower – Is there a more iconic building in Blackpool? Going up the tower to see the views is a must when in Blackpool! We were told by so many people that it was a must see and even though Elsa wasn’t too sure about it to start off with, she soon forgot all of her fears when she got to the top and could see for miles. The Tower itself also has other attractions within it such as the Dungeons, Ballroom, mini golf and the circus. So you can really make a day of it (maybe not the Dungeons for the children though). The Tower is very accessible for both wheelchairs and pushchairs and you can get up to the first viewing deck easily via lifts. If you want to go higher than you have to climb a few flights of very small stairs but it is completely worth it. The views and 4D cinema make the Tower a must see when visiting Blackpool!

Madame Tussauds – Yet another Merlin attraction that is a must see. This is our very first visit to a Madame Tussauds and yet again, we were told that when in Blackpoll it is the place to go. Madame Tussauds is famous for it’s wax work figures of famous celebrities and even royalty (Jonny loved seeing the Queen!). We weren’t too sure if Cleo and Elsa were going to enjoy this attraction and I think Cleo was slightly too young and she wasn’t interested at all but Elsa seemed to really like it. She wasn’t sure at first but she is a Marvel comics lover so as soon as she saw the Marvel display, she was over the moon. The wax figures are amazing and they are so incredibly life like. Like Sea Life and the Tower, Madame Tussauds is included in the Big 6 ticket so you can also enjoy this too at a discounted price!


*Disclaimer – We were gifted tickets to Coral Island and all Merlin attractions*

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