Tips for when your Child has Chicken Pox!

Chicken Pox.

Something I was absolutely dreading. I’ve heard so many stories about when children get Chicken Pox and I just knew that Elsa wouldn’t take it every well and I wasn’t wrong, she has struggled a lot with the spots and needing to take medication. I asked if anyone had any tips and I was inundated with brilliant tips for when your child has Chicken Pox so to help other parents, here they are all in one go to blog post about Chicken Pox!

  1. Lots of cuddles and go with the flow. It’ll pass soon. And only Calpol/Paracetamol if they need it. No ibuprofen as its dangerous. And Aloe Vera gel is amazing at reducing the itch plus its natural. – Passports and Adventures
  2. Lots of oat baths. MotherGeek has a great blog post about how to they treated Chicken Pox!
  3. Virasoothe gel is amazing , stops the itching and also prevents scars. – Anklebiters Adventures
  4. Use socks as scratch mitts and ice poles to keep them hydrated! – The Knight Tribe
  5. Calamine in aqueous cream was fab for our three. The cream is much more soothing to apply than normal calamine lotion. – Mighty Mama Bear
  6. Put on light weight/loose long sleeved T-shirt’s and leggings/joggers. It helps stop them from scratching the scabs off but doesn’t overheat them and make them more itchy. – Mummy Est.2014
  7. Tell everyone you can think of whom they may have come into contact with.
    My eldest caught them then a few children at her nursery did.
    Thought I got lucky after 25 days, then my 4 month old got them too.
    For sleeping we used socks on their hands. During the day time they had towels to sit or lie on in their knickers and vest, baby in her nappy only so the calamine lotion didn’t ruin the fabric sofas.  Fresh air was contained to our garden as no child likes to be told they have to be housebound until they are scabby. – My Family of Roses
  8. Don’t plan too much! Other parents won’t thank you if you’re at soft play or the pool. Have a few movie days, make staying at home fun with some crafty activities and accept that you’ll be stuck at home for a short while. – The Mummy Bubble
  9. Keep out the heat. When bathing your child put oats in a pair of tights and bathe in oat water it literally work wonders for my 3 year old.
    You can also bathe your child in head and shoulders as that takes away the itch too.
    – MyBump2Baby
  10. Poxclin mousse was a lifesaver and there was a huge difference between the first few that weren’t treated with it straight away and all the rest. I also used to squeeze some into a pot and give my son a paintbrush so he could paint it on to any itchy spots instead of scratching! – Arthurwears

To find out more about Chicken pox, head over to the NHS Chicken Pox website. There is so much information and it is really helpful to be in the know before your children catches Chicken Pox!



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