30 Week Pregnancy Update

I think this might actually be my first pregnancy update blog post. Which I know at 30 weeks pregnant, I am a bit late to the party but I’ve written about other aspects of my pregnancy, just not actual updates.

This pregnancy seems to have been hospital admission after hospital appointment after midwife appointment. I seem to get over one problem and then there is another but Baby Fisher is doing really well and growing larger than expected so that is really all that matters. I had a scan a few weeks ago and they are impressed with how baby is growing considering I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum. He is weighing around 3lb, which seems a lot to me but everyone has been saying that he is going to be a big baby. So baby is doing really well!


Mummy on the other hand isn’t. In June, I had sepsis and I haven’t been the same since. I’ve gone from struggling with Hyperemesis to having infections all the time. I’ve seen my consultant and there is a risk of early labour and we have a plan in place. C-section or allow natural delivery depending on how labour is progressing. It is a hard decision to make, I’m still unsure of how I want full term labour to go. Let alone the decision of early labour. But we will cross that bridge, if we do come to it. When it comes to delivery, I am swaying more towards C-section. I’m not sure my body can handle 9 month of sickness and infections and then hours and hours of labour. I would have a set date for C-section and that date would help me get through the next few months. I am just in 2 minds of what to do.

It means that I’m now on medication for my Hyperemesis and I’m on low dose daily antibiotics until baby is here to try and keep myself well before he is born.

The dreaded backpain has also started. I was expecting it but was hoping that it wouldn’t happen! I was sent a lovely care package from Deep Freeze which came at exactly the right time! I’ve been using the gliding gel or cold patches at night time for when the pain is at it’s worst and it does really help. Along with pain killers, it means that I can try and attempt to get a good nights sleep.


Over the next few weeks, we will be starting to get the rest of Baby Fisher’s things sorted. Making sure that my hospital bag is packed and ready to go. Getting the Bugaboo Donkey ready to use for both baby and Cleo which I am super excited about too!

I hope I can write one more pregnancy update before he is here but if I don’t then I guess the next post will be introducing him!


*Disclaimer – Deep Freeze sent us a care package in exchange for inclusion in this post*

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