Going from 2-3 children – Top Tips!

Soon enough, we are going to have 3 children! I don’t know if I am prepared for this but here we go! I thought to get ahead, I would ask fellow bloggers their top tips when it comes to going from 2 to 3 children in the hope that I can be even a little bit prepared.

When we had Cleo, I did write a post about going from 1 to 2 children  and some of the tips from that were really helpful. Even if these tips don’t help anyone else, they might just help this mama who has no idea what she has let herself in for!

  • Don’t think they will fit in as they don’t. Think about your car size – will you need bigger or to consider different car seats. Relax about the state of the house! It get easier 6 months in! – Run Jump Scrap!
  • Take it as it is. When my 3rd was born there wasn’t a massive impact in our day to day lives. We needed to change the car seats and eventually we bought a bigger car. My 3 are boys so thankfully they share a room which means our 3rd room has become a playroom. It helps to keep all their toys together and gives them all space. – The Mum Diaries!
  • One of the trickiest things is holidays when they are aged 3-10. They can’t be left in their own room and most budget chains only offer 4 bed rooms max! It’s frustrating. My top tip would be to pack as many holidays and trips away in as you can before the youngest turns 3 as then it starts to get mega expensive with limited options. – North East Family Fun
  • Lower your expectations! You’re outnumbered now and there’s no such thing as Super Mum! I often say only one of us can look good, the house, the kids or me. Never all of them at the same time! – Mighty Mama Bear
  • Try not to feel guilty (because you shouldn’t but probably will!). You just won’t have the time or the hands for all of them all of the time. There will be times where the baby will be crying while you’re dealing with an older one, or you’ll have to ask one to wait 4672 times while you’re feeding another and that’s ok. It’s crazy in the beginning but it does settle down (a bit!) – Mama in progress
  • Take each day as it comes, don’t stress to much about things and make sure you clean as you go! Dealing with a newborn AND two other children is a challenge but a fun one and your life will never be dull. – Mummy Catnotes
  • Get the older ones involved during the pregnancy and find time to have one to one activities with them as well so they don’t feel left out. It is a great opportunity to for them to take on more responsibility and earn praise, (for example tidying own room, laying the table, folding washing) which gives you a few extra precious minutes to get on with everything else! I was extremely lucky that my 3rd slotted in around the routine I’d already established with the older two, but now he is older he wants to stay a baby (wakes at night, insists on the pushchair, refuses to potty train, gggrrrr!!) when the others had already outgrown that behaviour at the same age. – Loopyloulaura

I hope this tips help you with your transition from 2 to 3 children!


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