Newborn gift guide

When baby shopping for myself, I always see products that would make perfect newborn gifts for friends and family to buy a new mummy or daddy for when their little one makes an appearance.  Some things are perfect because they are classics and others because they are just cute!

  •  Muslin Cloths – However the baby is fed, muslins are a must for a newborn. They are handy in messy situations and they now come in lovely designs and not just the plain white or colours that were only available years ago. Muslins have become both a fashion accessory and a baby essential. I got a pack of 5 from Sainsburys which I feel in love with because of the cute coastal design! – £8


  •  Baby Grows/Sleepsuits – Again another essential for newborns. When shopping for baby grows, I came across some gorgeous ones in classic designs. They can be a bit more pricey so it all depends on your budget but I did also find some gorgeous cheaper alternatives in high street stores and supermarkets – JoJo Maman Bebe/£18 – Joules Peter Rabbit/£19.95 – Cath Kidston London/£20


  •  Activity soft toys – We have all seen them hanging off buggys and playmats but activity soft toys are brilliant for helping early development as well as being soft and cuddly. We have the Infantino Playtime Pal Fox * for Baby Fisher. The Playtime Pal Fox is bright and colourful, soft and cuddle and is multisensory which is ideal for newborns.


  •  Miffy – Miffy * products in general are perfect newborn gifts. The classic baby friendly products and books make gorgeous gifts and they last for years and years. In our household, we are a huge Miffy books fan and some of the products are so incredibly cute!


  • Peter Rabbit – My absolute favourite. Anything Peter Rabbit is a winner in my eyes. The classic story and design of the products are timeless and make some of the best gifts.


And for Mummy.. A few little ideas…

  • Flowers – There is nothing better than getting a beautiful bunch of flowers and as a Mummy a thoughtful gift like flowers is ideal!


  •  Lansinoh –  A lifesaver if you are a Mummy who is breastfeeding! Lansinoh products are well known for how well they work for so many breastfeeding Mums. One product that I found to be amazing after I had Cleo was washable nursing pads and Lansinoh* have just started selling their own. They help reduce waste and are more comfortable than the disposable alternatives. – £6.99


  • Help at home – After giving birth, just having an helping hand is one of the best gifts you  can receive. It means that you can enjoy the first few weeks without worrying about things at home.


*Disclaimer – All the products marked with an * were kindly gifted to us*


One thought on “Newborn gift guide

  1. Thank you! My friend is pregnant and she is the first to have a baby so I’m lost. This is really helpful!


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