All about Placenta Encapsulation and Why I am doing it!

So this pregnancy, I have made the decision that I am going to have my Placenta Encapsulated. A lot of people are not aware of what it is or why people do it so I thought I would explain my reasons why and what exactly it is!

As I am in Norfolk, I am doing my Placenta Encapsulation with Cherished Placentas  but a quick google search will tell you who your nearest person is that does it too.

So what is it? Placenta Encapsulation is the process of ingesting your placenta after you have given birth. It can be  steamed, dehydrated, ground and put in to pills for the Mother to take after birth. There are also other ways to have your Placenta  such as smoothies and in skin care (this will depend on what services the company you use provides).

So why do people do it? The main reason is it is believed to have amazing benefits from boosting energy levels to helping to prevent Post Natal Depression and reducing stress levels to increasing milk supply. The list of benefits is incredible. The Placenta is full of nutrients and hormones so why let them go to waste? For 9 months the Placenta has been a huge part of your pregnancy and it can also help afterwards too.

Every company will have different services and the company that I have chosen to use has a wide variety of products. Capsules, smoothies and even face and body creams, it is all personal preference. I am choosing to just have capsules as I think this will be best for me.

A women is legally entitled to have her Placenta after birth but it is important to tell your hospital that you want to do it! I have my ‘Placenta pack’ at home which is a cool bag, ice packs (which must be kept in the freezer), a tub for the Placenta. This will be taken in to hospital with me and the Midwife/Doctor will place my Placenta in the pack so it is ready for Cherished Placentas to collect from the hospital.

Why am I doing it? My biggest worry after the birth of our son is that I will develop Post Natal Depression like I did after the birth of Cleo and I will try anything to prevent that. I know that there isn’t really much I can do to stop it but I want to feel my best and feel as I am doing everything I can to prevent it. Other reasons are that I am going to be a Mummy of a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a Newborn. I need all the energy I can get and with that being a benefit of Placenta Encapsulation that is a bonus  as well as increased milk supply, I want to breastfeed like I did with Elsa and Cleo so that benefit interested me too.

Everyone will have different results from their Placenta Encapsulation and I am going to be writing about how it helps me and what I think of the whole process after the birth of Baby Fisher!

Cherished Placentas  has some great information on their website so if you are still unsure or want to know more about prices and products then head over to there to find out more.



One thought on “All about Placenta Encapsulation and Why I am doing it!

  1. Thank you for writing this! A lot of women don’t know about this option! Ive heard really positive things about this, but have not experienced it myself. I hope you write about it sometime afterwards. Sending you so much love as you go through this!!💜


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