37 Week Pregnancy Update!

So I have finally hit 37 weeks! We are almost at the finish line and I couldn’t be happier about it!

My last pregnancy update was at 30 weeks and the weeks seem to have flown by. How quickly can time go?! Hitting 37 weeks means that I am almost at a single figure count down until my C-section date. Scary but exciting! With weeks going so quickly, I decided to finally pack my hospital bag. I have had the items to put in it for a while but didn’t actually get round to packing it until the other day. With Elsa, my hospital bag was packed at 28 weeks and with this baby I am so unorganised! I am writing a hospital bag blog post which will include must have items for a C-section. I’ve found that I am taking different items because I am having a section. I don’t want to over pack either and I feel like I could take everything including the kitchen sink at times.


In the next few weeks, Baby Fisher will be here and I feel like I have been pregnant for about 3 years but I finally have my date and I can start to plan the birth and sort out everything I need to for Elsa and Cleo. The girls are very excited but they are starting to get inpatient at the same time. Every morning Elsa is asking if it is the day that her baby brother is here. 4 year olds have no sense of time so I will say it is so many weeks and she will think I mean days or even hours! I am not saying on the blog or social media what day I am having my section either! I want it to be a surprise for everyone other than my close family. I’ll just say a few weeks for now but everyone will find out very soon!

As for baby names. We still haven’t decided on a name, we have a few that we like but naming a boy seems so much harder than naming a girl. Especially because we want more of a unique name that fits with Elsa and Cleo. Time will tell and I am sure that we will decide on a name as soon as he is born!

I am feeling very uncomfortable now and my hips can’t take much more but thankfully my sickness and infections have got better. I think this might be the best I have felt the entire pregnancy which is a huge thing to say! I am still taking my anti-sickness medication and I will be taking them up until I have my C-section. I can’t wait to be off them though and it will be nice to not have to worry about medication and Hyperemesis.

The next blog post might be his birth story which is so exciting and scary but I don’t think I will be writing another pregnancy update!




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