Let’s Talk Baby Milestones!

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As soon as your Baby is born, you start to keep an eye on milestones. Parent’s just naturally look out for the next milestone and celebrate it but what we need to remember is that not every Baby or Child hit their milestones at the same time.

We have been using Emma’s Diary Baby development stages to help us with milestones for Elsa and Cleo. I have always said that children will do things when they are ready and not every child hits milestones at the suggested age. There is so much pressure on parents and children to hit these developmental stages and as parents we begin to worry when they aren’t hit on time.


With Elsa, she was pretty much hitting milestones at the suggested age but I have noticed with Cleo that she isn’t. I still keep an eye on milestones and Emma’s Diary have some great information for milestones and your baby’s age. I use them as a rough guide and try not to get to hooked on trying to hit them. Every child is different and will do things at their own speed and time. It is important not to compare your child to another as we are all unique and will do things at different times in our lives.

I do find myself comparing Elsa and Cleo which I guess is a natural process when you have more than one child. Elsa was talking so much earlier than Cleo and even now at 2 years old, Cleo’s speech is still a bit behind for her age but I’m not that worried about it yet. She will catch up in her own pace and if it got where her speech was very behind then I would speak to my health visitor about it. The best way to look at milestones is as a rough guide.


In the Emma’s Diary developmental stages, they talk about everything from sleep to food and drink as well as physical changes in your baby. They also give you ideas on how to help your baby develop through activities and games. All of their developmental stages are approved by the Emma’s Diary health team too so you know that their information is accurate and can be trusted.

But please remember when looking at milestones that all babies are unique and grow at different rates. Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t match this pattern exactly. They might be a few weeks ahead on some things and slightly behind on others. It usually evens out over time. However, if you’re concerned that your child has missed one or more important milestones, speak to your health visitor or GP.


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