Celebrating with the help of Bunch-O-Balloons

AD – Collaborative post

Over the weekend, we have been celebrating a family birthday and there is nothing that the kids love more than lots and lots of party balloons but all those balloons take a while to blow up. Thankfully we had help from Bunch-O-Balloons self sealing party balloons and it saved us time and our breath.

The Bunch-O-Balloon self sealing party balloons starter set is priced at £14.99 and comes with a pump and 16 balloons. The pump can also be used to inflate other things around the home such as airbeds and water inflatables. The balloons themselves come with string attached so there really isn’t anything that you need to do other than connect the balloons to the pump and press a button. The pump can inflate up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds so it makes decorating for a party super easy. You choose if you want 1 stem (8 balloons), 2 stems (16 balloons) or 5 stems (40 balloons) blown up in one go.


There isn’t anymore blowing, tying or adding ribbon. Your balloons are ready to go after 40 seconds and the best bit? They are also reusable and can be fully re-cycled using TerraCycle recycling stations. As well as the starter sent, you can also buy the balloon sets. These contain 24 balloons and come in assorted colours and cost £9.99.

We found the Bunch-O-Balloons self sealing balloons really easy to use and the pump is handy as you can also use it for other things around the home. Elsa and Cleo were very impressed that so many balloons could be blown up so quickly too!

Check out how easy they really are:

Bunch-O-Balloons are now available from Hardwick Tesco, King’s Lynn as well as other Tesco stores.

For more infomation and demonstrations visit the Bunch-O-Balloons website.



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