Getting ready for a C-Section – Advice and Tips!

A lot of Mummies have C-sections and some are planned and some like my experience with Cleo, are an emergency. It is good to be prepared for however you will give birth and it helps make birth stress free which is always a bonus. Here is some advice and tips on getting ready for a C-section.

The best way to get advice and tips is to ask people who have experienced it. I am having an elective C-section with Baby 3 after an emergency C-section with Cleo. I want to be in control and know exactly what is happening. It is all about being prepared this time round. I was completely unprepared last time so will also be using these advice and tips this time round!

  • Have lots of pillows to prop you up in bed so you don’t have to lie on your tummy and roll onto your side and swing your legs around to get out of bed rather than trying to sit up straight away. – Momma Mack
  • Start moving as soon as you can, although take it slow. Even when you’re healed on the outside, remember it takes a lot longer to heal on the inside. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! – Magic. Mayhem. Repeat
  • Stand up straight (slowly!) every time you get up. It will help with your bowels and also avoid putting extra strain on your back long term. – KatyKicker
  • Nighties are much more comfortable to wear afterwards than pj bottoms that always seem to sit right on the wound! – Twinderelmo
  • Place a maternity pad alongside the wound when you do start moving around more this prevents the stitches from catching on underwear and is much more comfortable. Ohhh, and if you can refuse to have staples from experience they cause a lot more problems than stitches. – Travelled So Far
  • Do not vacuum. I repeat, do not vacuum. Even if the midwife is coming for a visit. You will regret it.  – Holly Made Life
  • Don’t do too much too soon but then don’t sit still for long periods of time . As this can make it pretty hard and painful to stand and move around as your body ceases up. – Beauties and the Bibs
  • Let your wound have some air every day to prevent infection, keep it clean and dry. – Mummy Lauretta
  • If you have other children arrange for people to come over and help you for a good few weeks, even if it’s just to make lunch or to play with them for a few hours in the afternoon. You must take and ask for help. – Twins and Travel
  • Don’t over do it in the first few weeks it’s major surgery and it should be treated like it. Also have a pillow over your stomach but between the seatbelt for the drive home it makes the bumps more manageable. – Cupsofcharlotte

If you have any advice or tips for after you have had a C-section then comment them below!


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