Goo Goo Galaxy Review

Elsa may have found her new favourite toy and that is a huge statement! A few weeks ago, we had an intergalactic delivery through our door. The Goo Goo Galaxy alien babies, Goo Drops are cutest babies in the universe and Elsa has been learning all about them and they are her new intergalactic best friends.

The Goo Drops are squishy alien best friends that have travelled light years to have adventures. Elsa has had her eye on Goo Goo Galaxy for a while now and when they arrived at the door, she couldn’t wait to find out all about her Goo Drops. Each Goo Drop has a bespoke squishy body filled with slime, glitter and intergalactic magic. It is almost as if they have their very own sparkling, glittery personality.

The Goo Drops come with an extra special goo slime surprise that you make yourself.  You get all the ingredients to make the slime and what child doesn’t love slime at the moment?! The slime is super easy to make and you can keep it in a Goo to go cup which has a string attached so you can hang it where ever you want to and take it out and about with you.

Every Goo Drop from Goo Goo Galaxy comes with their own passport which includes all the information about your alien friend. There are 4 Goo Drops to collect; Astra Nommy, Luna Laguna, Stella Skygems and Yumi Unicorn. Elsa loves their squishy bellies and they are the perfect sensory toy.

Goo Goo Galaxy toys are available from SmythsThe Entertainer  and Amazon and they are priced at £14.99 each


*Disclaimer  – We were kindly sent the Goo Goo Galaxy toys in exchange for a review*


One thought on “Goo Goo Galaxy Review

  1. worst investment ever , more plastic waste then toy , messy goo , opened this mess , only some of the goo went in where it was suposed to, within about five minutes the kids had lost interest, and I was faced with disposing of all the waste, only the card board could be recycled and only then after painfully removing the reems of glued on plastic . now i have to wash that goo off my tray, the kids cloths and hands and table , then dumped the entire lot in the rubbish bin , all with the approval of my grand kids , who were fooled by the cheerful but desetive internet advertising . This “toy” should be banned in the interests of the environment as well as the time wasting exercise of all involved and the- over pricing -of this rubbish I wish I had donated the money or trown it away rather than creat all that waste .


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