How to hygge your home this winter

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It’s fair to say the nights have started drawing in, and the morning school runs are becoming a little nippier than we’ve been used to; but there are plenty of positives to the impending darkness, the main one being returning to a hygge way of life.

If you haven’t heard of hygge, where have you been? The Danish concept of living well has been fully embraced by us Brits who lap up any trend that means early nights by the fire wearing cashmere, ideally with a hot choc (or mulled wine)!  

So, how do you embrace this cool Nordic trend if you haven’t already?

Go native with natural fabrics

Hygge is all about bringing cosiness into the home, and there’s no better way than using rich natural fabrics. Think large, soft-knit throws you can wrap yourself up in while watching a film and drinking hot chocolate, or velvet cushions in deep natural tones like forest green to add a touch of opulence. 

Soft lighting

Nothing screams cosy like a soft lighting scheme to create a snug feel. Avoid harsh overhead lights, and instead opt for table lamps in neutral colours, perhaps with a nod to nature. An overhead pendent light on a dimmer switch can dramatically change the feel of a room and is perfect for those Saturday evenings spent in front of the fire with the family. 

Warm scents 

Fill your home with the scents of the season. Think rich scents like cinnamon and oud that envelop a room and transform it into a winter wonderland.

Scented candles are great for adding a subtle fragrance, and the gentle flicker of candle-light only adds to the cosiness of a hygge home; but be careful to ensure that lit candles are out of reach of little ones. 

Family games nights

A key concept of hygge is spending time as a family, and with Christmas around the corner, having a night free from the tv with some classic board games is a great way to while away the long winter evenings. 

Cosy comfort food

Harking back to our caveman days when food was in short supply over the winter months, it’s easy to see why we use comfort food as a staple in the colder months and this style of hearty, filling and delicious dining as part of a family is another way you can hygge yourself happy this winter. 

More than a passing craze, hygge is a way of life, a philosophy that embodies feeling warm, comfortable and safe. What more could you ask for?


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