How to help your confidence as a new mum

As a new mum for the 3rd time, I know how much your confidence can be knocked after giving birth. It can be helpful to find ways that can help you find yourself as a new mum and to help boost your post baby confidence.

I have always struggled with my confidence after having a baby and it is completely normal to feel this way. Your body goes through so many amazing changes throughout the time that we carry our children and every baby and pregnancy is different so not everyone’s bodies will change in the same way.


Here are some tips on how to be confident again as a new mum:

  • Get out to playgroups, baby sensory sessions etc to meet other Mums who will help you realise that none of us have a clue on what we’re doing! – Mummy to Dex
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself. Buy a new dress or or a new pair of jeans. One that are comfy and fit rather than trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes. – The Family Ticket
  • Don’t compare yourself or your baby to others, that only ends in madness. Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. – The Incidental Parent
  • One of the best things I ever read was ‘you’ll be judged no matter what you do’. It’s so true as lots of people have opinions and judgement on parenting and all different, so my best advice is to stay true to yourself and how you want to parent and never let anyone else’s opinion make you parent a different way to how you want to. Be confident in yourself and your own parenting style, even if it differs from others. – Healthy Vix
  • Trust your instincts. No one knows your baby as well as you do. One day it just all becomes a little easier, you start to recognise what your baby needs. Don’t forget that you’re doing a great job! – Rice Cakes and Raisins
  • It’s ok to feel however you are feeling. You don’t have to be feeling over the moon happy every single day. Don’t doubt yourself or your ability to be a good mum just because you don’t feel how you think you’re ‘meant to’! – Living with Peas
  • Try to get out as much as possible, but also do what makes you feel comfortable. When I just had one I went out all the time, and that’s what I needed. I then had twins so had three under 2.5 and still got out every day, almost trying to prove to myself that I could handle it. Now the twins are 2 and run off everywhere I’ve realised I need to do what I’m happy with. A morning of me getting stressed and shouting at everyone to stop escaping isn’t great for anyone. And I come home feeling a massive knock to my confidence. I’ve come to know my limits of taking all 3 out on my own, and I don’t compare myself to others. Until they’ve done what I’m doing, I don’t care what they think! – Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee


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