SnA Life Children Activity Packs and Screen-Free time

I am pretty open about the fact that I am guilty of spending too much time on my phone and in this day and age, it is now the norm to be looking at a screen but even though my job is through a screen. I try to encourage Elsa and Cleo to have screen-free time as much as I can. The girls were sent a SnA Life activity pack recently to help encourage them to have less screen-time while still having fun.

We all have a device with a screen and pretty much everyone owns a TV but even with all this technology it is essential that we all have time away from it. Elsa and Cleo are at the age where they love doing activities either at home or out and about. Basically anything to keep them busy. One thing I do struggle with is getting the resources together to make sure that the girls always have something to do which is where SnA Life activity packs come in really handy.

They create packs based on your child’s age and gender which contain everything they need to have some amazing and fun screen-free time even if that is at home or on the go. The packs include 10 high quality CE-mark certified activities and they all come in a reusable draw string bag so you can add in your own activities.

There are 6 packs available; Age 1-2 girls/boys, Age 2-4 girls/boys and Age 4-6 girls/boys in both blue and pink. The packs are priced at £19.99 and considering the quantity and quality of what the pack contains this is a great price.

Elsa’s pack contained a huge mixture of activities from a big colouring pack to a little travel game of chess (which she is begging me to play with her!). There is also a cuddle toy and so much that it is hard to write down everything that her bag contained.

Cleo’s was no different. It contain activities that were prefect for her age range and she is loving just carrying her draw string bag around with her in case she what’s to do a bit of colouring or play with something else that come in her pack. She also loves to add her own little bits and bobs to her pack when we go out and about.

The packs are great for going out and about but we love them as they give the girls something exciting to do instead of looking at a screen. Screen-free time is so important and even though I am a blogger, I still like my children to have a good amount of time away from screens and the SnA Life activity packs definitely help with this!


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a SnA Life activity packs for both Elsa and Cleo in exchange for a blog post*

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