Bandai Bananas Series 3 review!

Elsa has been playing with the new series 3 Bandai Bananas collectables, the freshest and fruitiest collectables that are now available from Smyths.

The Bandai Bananas collectables contain a little Crushie, 2 little squishy characters, stickers, gems and more. There are Bananas as well as Lemons, Limes and Strawberries which all contain the surprises. Children love surprise toys at the moment and these are perfect, not only because you get so much in them but because of the price.

There are various toys and sets for you to collect. With the prices ranging from £3.99 to £39.99:

  • 1 x Banana – £3.99
  • Strawberries/ Lemon and Limes – £7.99
  • Bunch of 3 Bananas – £9.99
  • Bananas playhouse – £19.99
  • Bananas carry case – £39.99

Elsa was sent a range of the new series 3 Bananas as well as the Strawberries and Lemon and Limes. She decided to share these with Rosie and together, they opened them up. All of the toys smell amazing and they are brightly coloured. You peel the Bananas or other fruit to revel what is inside, what surprise will you get?! Elsa and Rosie had so much fun peeling the fruit to discover what Crushies they got. Elsa and Rosie loved that they smelt sweet and that they could decorate them with the gems and stickers that were included in the toys.

The Bandai bananas are also resealable! So you can have fun over and over again! Which as a parent, I think is a great bonus as you can place your own surprises in the fruit or reseal the Crushies for extra fun. You can also trade and collect your Crushies and other surprises so are great for sharing with friends too!



*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Bananas hamper in exchange for a review*

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