Pixie Belle Review

Elsa and Cleo have a new pet….well kind of!

Well, they have a Pixie Belle! The newest and cutest interactive pet that brings hours of fun. Pixie Belles are from the makers of fingerlings, another toy that is a hit in our household. Elsa has been playing with her Pixie Belle, which is called Rosie for a few weeks now and loves the uniqueness of this toy.

The Pixie Belles have special features that we have never seen before. You can wear them on your clothing using the magnetic power pod that is included with the toy. You place the base plate under your clothing and then the Pixie Belle sticks to the plate so you can keep them close to your heart or wear them on your shoulder. There are 3 ways to play with your Pixie Belle; Nurture mode, Pixie Power dance mode and Spin mode. Their horn also tells you their mood too so you can know exactly how your Pixie Belle is feeling. The Pixie Belles spin and dance to music and are so fun to watch and play with when they are in spin and dance mode.

Each one comes with an interchangeable and wearable tail. You can swap them between Pixie Belles and can wear them in your hair, on your wrist and also use them as a keychain. You can also receive a kiss from your Pixie Belle. There are so many possabilities on how to play!

Elsa enjoys playing with her Pixie Belle and wants to collect the rest so she can swap the tails and wear them all over her clothes! As a parent, I think the Pixie Belles are great fun and the price is great. They are priced at £16.99 and are available from Smyths Toys and Amazon now.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Pixie Belle in exchange for a review*

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