Herodrive Marvel Vehicle Range Review

We seem to be in a time where everyone loves superheroes and Elsa is definitely in this phase. Over the last few months, she has been more interested in superheroes than anything else. Marvel superheroes have been a firm favourite of hers so when she received a parcel* of Herodrive Superhero Marvels cars, she was very very excited!


Gone are the days that girls couldn’t enjoy superhero and car toys! The Herodrive cars are suitable for all. They are available in small superhero themed cars as well as the Mod Squad cars where you can create your own superhero from the characters available. One of the best features of the cars is that they are great for small hands. Cleo has been loving them too, they are big enough for small children to grip them and also mix and match the different car parts.

The Mod Squad cars are magnetic and all fit each other so the more the buy, the more combinations you can make. We have Iron Man and Spider man Mod Squad cars as well as the smaller Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk cars. With the Mod Squad cars, you get an extra piece and once you have them all, they then create a larger Captain America car.


The cars are both a really good size and are colourful and bright. They encourage imaginative and creative play and at the same time are superhero themed which is a huge hit with children at the point. Elsa and Cleo both enjoy playing with them and they spend ages, mixing and matching the different car parts to create their very own superhero. They are ideal if you have Marvel loving children of different ages!

The MOD Squad cars are priced at £9.99 each and the smaller cars are priced at £2.99 and are available from ASDA, Debenhams and Amazon.


*We were sent the Herodrive toys in exchange for a review*

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