What Life Is Like Now I Have 3 Children

Brody was born in October so we have had 3 children for over a month now. Many people have asked how we are getting on with 3 children and how our life has actually changed.

So, to be honest, life doesn’t feel like it has changed that much. I feel like our transition from 1-2 children was much more difficult than 2-3. I know most people wouldn’t agree that it is easier but Brody has just seemed to fit in. He has an amazing routine which I think helps a lot! He is going to bed at around 10 pm and isn’t getting up until between 5-6 am which I am very happy and impressed with. He has been like this since birth. It means that is it easier for us as family to give time out evenly. Cleo has taken to being a big sister really well and out of her and Elsa, I was more worried about the change for Cleo. Elsa takes change so easily and she is older so she understands so much more. Cleo and Elsa have been amazing though and have taken being big sisters in their stride.

I have been feeling better than I expected I would now that I have 3 little ones to run round after and considering that I am pretty much working full time on the blog and I am also breastfeeding Brody! There is a lot going on but I like to be busy. I have been taking more time out though. Sometimes instead of writing, I will just rest and have time for myself or spend time with the kids. We had our photo shoot with Lynne Kelly Photography Studio so we have some amazing photos of the kids that we will treasure forever!

I have found it is all about time management too. Writing to do lists in the morning with my daily jobs on, work so well! It means that I can keep on top of everything. A lot goes in to being a mum of 3, a housewife and a full time work from home blogger. I wouldn’t change it for the world though and life is good! It is busy but it’s exciting and we are having so much fun as a family of 5!


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