My Placenta Encapsulation Experience

While I was pregnant with Brody, I wrote about my decision to have my Placenta encapsulated.

If you are unsure of what that is or the process behind then check out this post as I wrote everything you need to know about it! I used Cherished Placentas to do mine, they are based in East Anglia but they also cover the London area too. Nikki from Cherished Placentas does an amazing job and made the whole process feel so special.


At around 36 weeks I received my Placenta pack for at home. This included ice packs, guides, everything that myself and the hospital needed to store my Placenta after delivery. The ice packs were stored in the freezer until I needed to go up to the hospital to have Brody. I was booked in to have Brody on the 11th October but I went into labour 1 week early. Nikki was ready to go even though it wasn’t the day that I was booked in. You can’t plan when a baby is going to arrive as they could decided to come earlier or later than planned but Nikki was ready and was very supportive.

My hospital were really good with the whole process too and allowed Nikki to collect my Placenta pack. She came and collected my Placenta and took it away to be made in to capsules. A few days later, my capsules arrived on my door step. Along with a heart made from the umbilical cord, a little extra keepsake. The capsules came in a bottle with information on it such as date baby was born, date the capsules were made and how many were made from the Placenta.

My Placenta made 164 capsules. How many you take a day is personal preference. You can take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks after birth. It is all dependant on how many you want to take a day. I have been taking 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening so that tablets lasted me just over 6 weeks.


One of my biggest worries after have Brody was Post-Natal Depression. I suffered really badly after Cleo was born and I was afraid of it happening again. All the Drs and midwives said that I was more likely to get PND again. Taking Placenta capsules is meant to reduce your chances of having PND after birth. I just hoped and hoped that they would work.

After Brody was born, for the first few weeks, I watched for all the symptoms and kept an eye on the ‘baby blues’.  They came and then went again then nothing. I felt fine and ‘normal’. I guess I felt like myself again. I had a pretty hard pregnancy so I haven’t felt myself since before I got pregnant. I was able to eat again, my mood was fine, my energy levels were great and they still are. Now I have finished my capsules, I feel great. I am not tired like I have been before after having a baby and this time I have 2 other children under 5. My milk came in really easily with hardly any pain and my supply is still good too.

I think that taking my Placenta capsules really did work. The results have been incredible and I would recommend any mummy to be to have this services done. Cherished Placentas are a brilliant and friendly company and the process is so easy. The outcome is amazing and I am so happy that I did this!



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