HugARmals by Mardles Review

A few weeks ago, we received a very exciting delivery. We opened our parcel to find that we were one of the first influencers in the country to test out the new HugARmals by Mardles augmented reality soft toy!

At the moment, you can buy a dragon or unicorn hugARmal but I am sure that in time, there will be more creatures to play with. That isn’t to say that the dragon or unicorn aren’t cute though! Elsa received the unicorn and considering she is unicorn obsessed at the moment, it definitely went down well with her. As well as being cuddly and sparkly, you can play with your hugARmal through the Mardles app that is available for Apple and Android devices.

As a parent, I do worry about some apps but one of the best things about the Mardles app is there is no registration, no data capture and no in app purchases. Making the app super child friendly as well as giving parents peace of mind. To use your hugARmal with the app, all you do is scan the special button on their foot. Then watch them come to life on your phone. Hug, Scan and Interact!

You can change the colour of your hugARmals friend, feed them, dance with them and put them to bed. There are so many options to play on the app. They have all these features as well as being really cuddly friends that you can play with without the app.

Elsa sat for ages and played with her hugARmals which she has called Tinkletoes. The app was easy for her to use and it doesn’t require internet so she can play anywhere. I would recommend finding out if your device is compatible with the hugARmals before purchasing one, just to be on the safe side. It doesn’t seem to work with Elsa’s Samsung tablet due to it not having a gyro so your device needs to have one of those but works perfectly with our phones.

HugARmals by Mardles are priced at £24.99 and are available from the Mardles website.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a hugARmals in exchange for a blog post*

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