Should You Buy Antique or Modern Furniture?

Looking to update your living space with some new furniture? Are you stuck on whether to select antique or modern décor? While second-hand pieces tend to be unique, it’s usually nice to buy something new – and that’s often where the indecision stems from. 

To help you decide, we explore the pros and cons of each furniture type. 


Does antique or modern furniture offer the best quality? Put simply, there isn’t a clear answer to this, as it really depends on where the piece has been made and its materials. As you may expect, luxury décor brands tend to produce premium items, whereas mass-made products are typically low in quality. So, if you’re wanting to buy something new, we recommend going to a high-end retailer. You may need to consider paying for your item via a credit card, but you’ll reap the benefits of a long-lasting product.

If your budget can’t stretch to that, though, you may be better off heading to your local second-hand or charity shop. Chances are you’re more likely to find a valuable piece there than at a chain store. To secure a piece of second-hand interior treasure, look for goods made from durable materials (wood, linen, etc) that have a sturdy design. 

Resale value 

Very often, when we buy a product, it’s tricky to imagine parting with it – after all, we’ve picked it for a reason. And this is especially true of furniture. Though it may seem hard to believe now, you’ll likely want to sell your next décor purchase at a later date. That’s why it’s important to consider resale value when buying furniture. To make sure you get a good price for your décor later on, it’s key to note all its features, from its fabrics to its build. 

As we mentioned earlier, whether a new item is likely to sell or not is typically down to the brand you’ve bought it from. Visit an antique store, and you could find some real gems, which could sell for a good price later down the line. Premium Victorian and Edwardian furniture, for example, usually sells for a high price. 


It’s almost impossible to discuss second-hand and charity shops without mentioning how cheap this option tends to be. As you’ll no doubt know already, used goods usually cost far less than freshly made ones. So, if you’re wanting to spruce up your home for less, we heavily suggest paying a visit to a second-hand furniture store. You’ll likely find that it’s a stress-free way to shop for furniture.


Fast furniture was once a booming trend – but the past few years have seen interior trends shift towards a more sustainable option: antique and second-hand décor. As you’ll probably already know, mass-production of any product can seriously affect the environment with their emission of greenhouse gases. 

Buy furniture second-hand, however, and you’ll be able to furnish your home with complete peace of mind. If you want something new, but still want to lower your carbon footprint, you could always personalise a piece by upcycling it

Obviously, where you choose to shop is entirely down to your own preferences – but with these top tips, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. 


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*

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