It’s A Ginger Fox Christmas!

Ginger Fox create games and gifts for adults and families. There are so many to choose from and they are great for gift giving this Christmas.

We were sent a bunch of Ginger Fox products and this is what we got!

So Ginger Fox have a huge range of games, gifts, books and mugs. Some of which are family friends and so which are aimed more at adults. There products make great gifts for Christmas as well as birthdays. We were sent The Really Useful Mug, Yule Duel game, Space Dash game, Bump This game and 5 Gold Rings card game. All of which are going to make great games for family gatherings over the Christmas period!

The Really useful Mug is exactly what it sounds like. The mug is covered in very useful information about general knowledge. It is perfect for those who have a thirst for knowledge and those that love tea and coffee! It is crammed full with facts and information and I found myself spending a good 5 minutes reading all the info on there!

The Yule Duel game is ideal for Christmas day family gaming! Inside the chocolate log shaped box is 3 funny card games. Who am I? The game where you have to guess that well known person is on the card. Charades, the game where you have to act out a film, tv, book or song title. Slip of the tongue is the game where you have to guess what is on the card without saying the forbidden words! These games are easy to play but hours of fun!

Space Dash is a race to the stars. Be there first one to complete the set of launch sequence cards and shout the words ‘touch down’ to win! You need fast reactions for this crazy card game!

Bump This game is the showdown of handshakes. Battle with other plays and try not to lose your cool while you are attempting different handshakes which get harder and more elaborate as the game goes on. If you do one wrong move then you are out!

5 Gold Rings Card Game is based on the hit tv show that is hosted by Phillip Schofield. You need good general knowledge and a brilliant reaction time for this game. You get 30 seconds to find a point on a image and simply put a ring on it. It is much harder than it looks! The card game means you can play the hit tv show at home with friends and family!

All of these games would be perfect for family game time at Christmas, we can’t wait to play these after Christmas Dinner!


*We were sent these games in exchange for a blog post*

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