We Tested Out Orchard Toys!

Over the past few weeks we have been playing with a huge range of Orchard Toys. They have been great for family time and Elsa and Cleo have been having fun testing them all out!

Orchard Toys  specialise in fun, colourful educational games and puzzles for children. Their games and puzzles encourage imaginative play and develop learning skills as well as being prefect to use with a child’s school work. It is all about having fun and learning at the same time in the best way possible, with family. Orchard Toys create a huge range of games and puzzles as well as colouring books and story books.

We have been trying and testing some Orchard Toys over the past couple of weeks to see what Elsa and Cleo thought.

We are Orchard Toys fan in our house. We have a good selection and have been playing them since Elsa was around a year old.  We love them for their colourful designs, the fun games and the price point. The price of the games and puzzles varies a lot but their mini games are around £5 so are perfect pocket money toys.

The Orchard toys that we have been testing are:


We tested out 3 jigsaws. The first one was Mummy and Baby  – This jigsaw is ideal for children aged 18+. It is made from 6 2-piece puzzles of mummy and baby animals. The pieces are large so prefect for little hands. The mummy and baby animals also teach children the names of baby animals such as a baby Tiger is a Cub. We then tested out, Number Street.  This jigsaw is for ages 2-5 and develops hand and eye co-ordination and helps encourage learning numbers and counting to 10. There is also a large poster included in the box! Lastly we tested out, Giant Road. This is a 2 in 1 jigsaw. Not only is it a large jigsaw that has so many possibilities but it can also be used as a road for toy cars. It is perfect for children aged 3+.


We tested out 6 Orchard Toys games. What a Performance  is an all singing or all dancing performance game. The whole family can play and there are over 300 challenges for you to perform. It is great for ages 5 – adult and it creates hours and hours of fun! Giraffes in Scarves  is a bright and colourful game where you have to collect the most scarves. It helps with colour matching and counting. It is ideal for ages 4-7 and up to 6 people can play. Match and Spell  is actually a game that Elsa plays at school. It encourages word building and helps children recognise letters. This game, like a lot of Orchard Toys games is teacher tested and can be used along with learning at school. Farmyard Heads and Tails  is a game for smaller players. The cards are large and can be wiped cleaned so perfect for younger children. The idea of the game is to match up the cards to create things, people and animals that you might find around the farm. Rainbow Unicorns  is a game that all children will love. Unicorns are so popular at the moment so it is a great way to get your child learning without them realising. It helps develop memory and matching. Knights and Dragons  is a medieval matching game and like the Rainbow Unicorns, it encourages memory and matching. It is ideal for children aged 4+.

Mini Games: 

Some of our favourite games are the Orchard Toys mini games. They are perfect for travel or just short games at home. We have tested out 2 that we haven’t played before. Llamas in Pyjamas  is another matching game but on a smaller scale so it is portable and compact for travel. It is great for ages 3-6 years. Little Bus Lotto features 24 animals character tiles which are used with the 4 different coloured buses to create a lotto game that is brilliant for ages 3-6 years.

Colouring Books:

Elsa and Cleo have been trying out the colouring books for the first time. There was one each to match their age group. Elsa tested the More Things To Do book which features 24 pages of activities that progress in difficulty. There are dot to dots, word searches as well as stickers. Cleo tested out the Jungle colouring book  which also has 24 pages. There are word to trace on every page and stickers to use on every page. Elsa and Cleo enjoyed both of these colouring books and they are going to bring hours of fun and they are learning at the same time.

Elsa and Cleo have loved playing and testing all of these games and there isn’t one that they haven’t enjoyed playing with. As a parent, I love Orchard Toys, their range of products is amazing , the price point is fantastic and I love the fact that they learn and have great fun at the same time!


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Orchard Toys*

2 thoughts on “We Tested Out Orchard Toys!

  1. I love the idea of orchard toys games, not that we have any at the moment. I’ve always wondered if Harry would ‘get’ the game? His birthday is coming up in March so will have to pick him up a few to try 🙂 x


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