Getting back…

I want to get back to being the blogger I worked so hard to become..

I have been blogging just little over 3 years and over that time I have written hundreds of blog posts and I have been consistent with it. But also over the last 3 years, a lot has changed. More than I can explain in one post. I try to keep up with writing as much as my mind will let me. I started blogging as an outlet for me and it always will be that before anything else including a career.

My blog has been a place for me to write down my thoughts but when something happens in my personal life that just can’t be shared on the blog. I have no where that I feel like I can write it down and in a way, I feel as if I am letting my blog down. Unfortunately in 2019, that has happened quite a bit. There has things that I can’t go in to detail about for one reason for another. The biggest problem is when I feel my mental health slipping because of these personal things, I can’t talk openly about it and get it off my chest on my blog like I normally would and that affects my blog and writing massively.

But then my mental health slips, my blog does get hit the hardest. I don’t write at all. No blog posts, I don’t even want to take photos. Where I would normally take photos every single day, I can go days and days without taking one. I just feel a complete mind block to writing and being a blogger. The last couple of weeks have been just that.

For weeks and weeks, I managed to get so many blog posts out. I was getting ahead of work for once and my blog and socials grew massively because of that but then some personal stuff happened and I hit a brick wall. I didn’t want to get my laptop out and some times I didn’t even want to look at my phone. It makes me feel awful.

I love writing and blogging and being on social media. I just want to go back to being  the blogger I worked so hard to become and I will get back there eventually. It just might take some time.


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