Chicco Next To Me Magic Crib Review

Now that Brody is around 10 weeks old, I thought it would be a good idea to write our review of the Chicco Next To Me Magic Crib.

While I was pregnant we search everywhere for the best bedside crib so when Chicco reached out and offered to send us one, we decided that we would give it a try! We had looked at the Next To Me Cribs before and talking to other parents, they seemed to be the one of the more popular brands.

Bedside cribs seem very popular amongst new parents lately and this is the first time we had used one. With Elsa and Cleo we used a moses basket then they moved in to a cot. There are many benefits when it comes to bedside cribs. One of the most appealing for me was how easy it made breastfeeding at night time as baby is already so close to you. They also help baby adjust to sleep and awake times and it helps create a stronger bond while promoting safe sleeping.

The Next To Me Crib Magic is so versatile. It can be used with pretty much any bed as the legs fold in if it use with a divan bed. There are also 11 height adjustable levels and it also has a rocker feature which helps to sooth baby. There is a travel bag so you can move the crib easily too. You can used the Next To Me Crib in 3 ways: bedside attached crib, stand alone crib or a travel crib.

We have found the Next To Me Magic works brilliant for our family. The crib is quite big but fits in our bedroom lovely. We are yet to use it as a travel crib but we do have a few trips coming up in 2020 so we will update then on how it works. It is great that it comes with a mattress as these can be one of the most expensive parts of a bed but you do have to purchase the crib sheets and these are around £20 for a pack of 2. All in all, we are very very impressed with the crib and Brody loves it. He sleeps amazingly in it. I think it is because he is so close to us and he knows that he is safe. It is one of the best baby products, we have ever used!

The Chicco Next To Me Magic crib  is priced at £239 and is available from John Lewis


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Chicco Next To Me Magic Crib*

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