MAM UK Ocean Range Review

MAM have released an ocean range so as The Coastal Mummy, myself and Brody tested it out!

Brody is our 3rd baby so we have tried many baby product brands that sell bottles and soothers. There are so many different ones on the market and it is personal preference to which one you use for your baby. When MAM got in touch and asked us to review their ocean range, we jumped at the chance.

So what did we test?

We tested out 2 different bottles. MAM bottles are Anti-Colic and self-sterilising and come in 3 sizes – 130ml, 160ml and 260ml. The bottles can be sterilised using a normal cold water steriliser or electric steriliser or using the bottle itself. The teat goes inside the bottle and can be popped in to the microwave with water for a few minutes to be sterilised. This feature is perfect if you are out and about or if you don’t have a lot of space for a steriliser just to do bottles. We have been using the 130ml and 160ml bottles, Brody is still quite little so he doesn’t need big milk bottles, just yet.

Brody is combination fed so I am breastfeeding him as well as feeding him formula. It works best for him and us but because of this, I worry about teats and Brody latching on breast and bottle without any problems. MAM Bottles teats are long and flat, unlike other bottle brands. They are completely different but Brody latches better on MAM teats better than other brand. I think it is because of the shape of them, they just sit in his mouth perfectly and the best thing is they haven’t affected breastfeeding in anyway.

As well as bottles, we also tested out the soothers or dummies (Whatever you choose to call them). Elsa and Cleo both had dummies so Brody wasn’t going to be any different. Once again, soothers are personal preference and some parents decide not to have them all together. The soothers are in age groups so you can purchase according to how old your child is: 0+ months, 6+ months, 12+ months. Each soother may be a slightly different shape or size. They are developed with the help of dentists and orthodontists so you know as a parent that they are going to be alright for your child’s teeth and jaw. The soother box also doubles as a storage case and a microwave steriliser for the soothers.

Brody took to both the soothers and the bottles really well and being able to sterilise them out and about is ideal for us. We love the design of the bottles and soothers and the ocean design is beautiful! But if a ocean design isn’t your choice then there are a lot more designs as well as products over on the MAM UK website.


*Disclaimer – We were sent these products in exchange for a review*

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