Play Stuff Dough Review

Ready to play and perfect for travel. As a parent of children that love to play with coloured dough, I am always on the look out for an ‘easier’ way to play without having to get out lots and lots of little bits and I think I might have found a solution!

Play Stuff Dough is a god send for us. Basically to put it simply, Play Stuff is an all in one colour dough set. It comes with a 3D play board that is one of the main features why I love these sets. As a parent that isn’t too keen on the mixture of dough and flooring! This is amazing! The package folds out in to a 3D play board for the dough which is illustrated with whichever set you have purchased. The way it is illustrated is colourful and bold too which Elsa and Cleo both adore!

The play set pieces that are included store within the packaging too. Included with the set is a range of coloured dough and then shapes and cutters that again go with whichever set you have chosen.

Elsa and Cleo have the Pizza Pasta and Picnic Patch. Both sets come with 8 shapes and cutters and 5 tubs of coloured dough. Play Stuff is great for travel and if you don’t have loads of space at home for toys like this. They are compact but they include everything that your child will need for hours of coloured dough fun.

The sets are priced at £9.99 which I think it a fair price. You get a lot of dough and it is everything you would need to play. There is no need to buy extra bits which is a huge bonus. You could purchase more dough if you wanted to but you get a big range of dough and colours with the Play Stuff Dough set.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly set the Play Stuff Dough Sets in exchange for a blog post*

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