Our Favourite Family Movies!

We are huge movie fans in our household! We love to sit and watch a movie together, it is such a great way to have family time at home and to also share movies that you loved as a child with your children! I thought I would list some of our favourite movies and why so if you are looking for a new movie then you have a list to start with!

We got a new TV for our living room a few years ago. It was an experience to find our perfect TV. There was so many questions that we asked: ‘What is an oled Tv?’, Do we want a smart TV?! There was just so much to take in to consideration when choosing one that was perfect for our family movies. But once you have found your perfect TV, it is time to find your favourite family movies!

If you are looking for best family Christmas movies then check out my blog post that is dedicated to Christmas movies!

Here are ours:

  • Wizard Of Oz – This is an classic movie and it turned 80 years old in 2019 which is incredible! It doesn’t seem to age and will be a film that generations to come with love and celebrate!
  • Paddington – We love the book and the kid’s love to sit and watch the movies too
  • The Lego Movie – EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!! The Lego Movie is perfect for encouraging imagination with Lego or other building blocks.
  • Cat In The Hat  –  I am a huge Dr Seuss fan. It has been and always been my favourite children’s stories. Cat In The Hat is such a classic and the book is also brilliant!
  • Shrek – I remember watching this movie when I was younger so it is lovely to be able to watch it with my children.
  • Harry Potter – This is such a popular franchise and Elsa has started to watch it but it is something that I grew up with too!
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Another great film that was originally a book. The BFG is also a amazing film that was a Roald Dahl book.
  • Peter Rabbit – I think a running theme is that most of the films that we love were originally books! Just like Peter Rabbit!
  • Disney – It would take way to long to list every single one of our favourite Disney movies. As a family, we are huge Disney fans. They don’t seem to age and they are classics that any generation will enjoy!



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