A Letter To Rory As He Starts School

I wrote this post but it comes across as being from the perspective of a parent.

It’s the first school day of the year. It’s September and every other child your age is starting school. The photos in front of the door. The car. Or maybe in the living room are all over social media. It is such a huge milestone. A precious precious moment. But I’m looking at you. In your PJ’s. You’re sat front of me. You should be wearing your uniform. You should be telling me you’re excited for the first big day in the journey of your education. You should be picking your character bag and matching lunch box. I should be telling you that you can’t have juice in your water bottle! But here we are. Sat watching other children. Watching as my heart wonders if your first school day will ever come.

That was 4 months ago. That feels like a life time ago. Maybe it was Christmas. Maybe it was just how fast time went by. But here we are again. Here you are. Once again sat in front of me. But this time…. it’s different. You are in a uniform. The royal blue brings out the colour in your eyes. The idea of going to school. Making new friends and being free brings out your smile. You’re happy. You’re excited. You’re ready.

I know just by looking at you that you are excited for this. I’ve waited for this moment. I never thought I would see this day. You were the baby that they said wouldn’t do these things. I thought I was going to lose you. But here we are. My blue eyed boy about to start your big school journey.

I’m proud I am able to be on this journey with you. Just because you didn’t start in September doesn’t mean this moment isn’t magical or special. It’s our moment and I will cherish it forever.


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