Chu Chu TV Peek and Play Surprise Eggs Toy Review

I am not afraid to say that YouTube is a big part of learning for my children so I think it is great that Chu Chu TV have created their very own range of toys to complement their YouTube videos!

Since Elsa was a toddler, I have found that she learns better when she is using technology and it is no secret that children are more interested in that kind of thing. Chu Chu TV is a YouTube channel for young children which encourages them to learn and their new toys, Chu Chu TV train surprise eggs and the ABC starter set is perfect to play with along with watching the YouTube channel. The YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers and their videos have been viewed almost 3 billion times! It is definitely a popular channel for children and I think the toys will be as popular!

Cleo has been having extra tests for hearing as she is behind on her speech so anything that could  potentially help her with speech and language is a huge bonus for us at the moment. We are trying to encourage her as much as possible and this seems like a brilliant way to do it.

The Chu Chu Surprise train is brightly coloured and comes with the train and 2 carriages as well as Mr Harlo the star the videos. The train plays the iconic song,  Johny, Johny, Yes Papa! Which is a firm favourite of Cleos! The train is brilliant for engaging your little ones mind as well as helping to improve dexterity and motor skills. It is compatible with the Chu Chu TV ABC surprise egg. These eggs open up to reveal an ABC character. A – Alligator, B – Bear, C – Cat, D – Dog and E – Elephant. The eggs fit perfectly in the train and its carriages. They help encourage letter recognition and colour matching as well as being the ideal size for small hands.

The Chu Chu TV Peek and Play Eggs Train and ABC starter set are available from Character Options


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these in exchange for a review*

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