Uni-Verse Surprise Collectable Review

Elsa is still OBSESSED with unicorns! I thought it was going to be a faze but clearly not. Slime is also a huge hit with her too so combining the two makes the perfect toy for her. A couple of week ago we were sent the new Uni-Verse Surprise toys to test out and we definitely got more than we bargained for!

These do get really messy so this is a little warning for that for anyone that purchases these! Uni-Verse Surprise are cute cloud shaped packets that contain little unicorn surprises. But there is another surprise…To open the cloud shaped packet, you submerg it in a bowl of water (here is the messy part) and the outer packet dissolves in to slime. Yes, SLIME! It is messy but it is so fun and we actually roped Rosie in to play with these as these kinds of toys are her favourite too.

To begin with, they weren’t too sure on it and I think that is because this is the first time they have played with anything like this. They are so unique. Inside the clouds are more surprise packets. These have a unicorn character and accessories inside.

There are 40 unicorns to collect from 7 different magical lands. Each unicorn is different and have there own funny name and accessories. We got Goddess Goldie, Char-ming Ming, Diggity Dee and Moo Moo Molly. Elsa and Rosie now want to collect them all. They spent a good amount of time playing with the slime as well as the unicorn toys so they are good for the money. They are price at £9.99 and available from Argos, Smyths and other big toy shops.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent 4 Uni-Verse suprises in exchange for a review*


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